Does some serial port cards really have bad processor chips? The reason is that most low-cost PCI serial cards are designed with a low-cost processor which has low-cost poorly written drivers, which obviously results in headaches for the user. Like Intel, AMD Company is not protected to the release of a large number of faulty processors, which are eliminated at the stage of laboratory tests. Useful optional accessories not included. The integrated IPS panel features the widest possible viewing angles — degrees in both aspects. Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 reviews.

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They will be easily distinguished from its predecessors on the number of the form 7xx.

PCI Serial Card, 2-Ports RS232

Unless you invest in a PCI serial card with a quality processor and chipset you will very likely, at some point, experience either a computer freeze, driver errors, being unable to communicate with your serial device or even a BSoD. Once the drivers for the ppci card has been successfully installed a COM port will show up in your operating system’s Device Manager where you can configure several port settings, if your serial PCI card has good drivers. The monitor is able to display 1.

The names are self-explanatory and suggest, that the difference between the two samples lies in the rotary speed and in the noise factor.

The seril feature eleven blades and for the most part are designed in black and white colours. Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 reviews. You can read much more about PCI cards at Wikipedia. COM ports can also easily be renamed within your operating system’s Device Manager.


The PCI serial card is an easy and reliable way of adding serial ports to your computer. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: MosChip Unusable Parallel Port.

The QF Silent fan rotates at the speed of —1, rpm and produces not more than After installing the downloadable drivers the created COM ports will automatically show up in your operating system’s Seriial Manager as two additional ports. Does some serial port cards really have bad processor chips?

There are many models sfrial brands of chipsets, we recommend a serial PCI card chip from either Moschip or FTDI, these processors have proved to be effective and reliable in most applications. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

In the first instance, the model positions itself as a solution for engineers, graphics professionals, animators as well as other people, searching for a large working area. For other serial converters and alternative solutions please see our seroal of serial port cards.

Ports – MosChip Technology – MosChip PCI Serial Port Computer Driver Updates

Depending on the voltage the serial card is using it have wither 1 or 2 key notches that will fit into the particular connector inside your computer. The serial PCI cards we are selling are compatible with both 3.

A regular conventional serial card will have either a 50 pin or a 68 pin contact header. The integrated IPS panel features the widest possible viewing angles — degrees in both aspects. The typical serial card contains one or two serial COM ports however it is also available in multi-port mosfhip. Unlike USB based serial cards which due to the virtual COM port drivers have a substantial data delay which can make communication with some sensitive serial devices impossible.


You will however still be able to adjust several port settings in your operating systems device manager, such as baud rate, data bits and in some cases timing. Some low-cost PCI cards has jumpers which needs to be set in order for you to be able to communicate with a particular device.

DriverMax – Ports – MosChip Technology – MosChip PCI Serial Port Computer Driver Updates

Some have a non-working cache or part thereofother — xcores, and others — a graphics block, and a fourth — a weak memory controller. This is kind of old fashioned since most newer serial cards are automatically configured to match your serial device.

Got this card for an older DOS computer, since the specifications mentions that this card works with Serial to Ethernet Converters. Both Cryorig products weigh The product has been added to the shopping cart.

Both RS serial ports share same IRQ which saves valuable resources if other expansion cards are used. When shopping for a PCI serial card be aware that the socket will match pcii computer.