Press the Updates button in the Main Monitor window. This button only appears if the optional coin machine is connected to the system and the optional hardware checkbox is checked. Fill in the registration form 4. The currencies for change must be checked in this area to refill the hoppers. Most systems include a UPS.

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Select the Upgrade to be installed. The parameters to be changed are shown below, step by step. Know hardware and software devices, enable remote services, perform remote jobs, alerts and select Kiosk activity.

Mitsubishi Electric CP9500DW-S Manuals

This button only appears if the optional coin machine is connected to the system and the optional hardware checkbox is checked. This screen presents a summary of all the transactions registered during a given period of time.

After this all the information must be shown again. The pictures will be printed in the paper area using the layout selected in the Layout box, where a list of available compositions can be shown, depending on the selected paper size. Through this interface, the supervisor can administrate the DPS Photo general settings cp9500dw–s, index print, decoration, etc and the prices for those services.


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Wait for 30 seconds and the printer will start to work again once it has cooled down sufficiently. Status Indicate if the service is downloaded. Printing and CD recording.

As the c;9500dw-s will be made by Click there are no questions to be asked. To summarize, this module is in charge of: Description of the failure Reported: Mitsubishi generic protocol is already installed on each system. When an operator is loading the Hoppers with cash. Additional information that may be relevant.

Mitsubishi CP9500DW Digital Photo Thermal Printer

Each registered shop mitsubisi its own associated URL site that can be customized to a greater or smaller degree, depending on the agreement with the local Mitsubishi office.

The picture files are being processed, mirsubishi or restructured. Select View Album 2. This allows the user to burn a CD with all the movies and sounds that his digital camera can create on the media. If the number is other than zero, press the Pending Request button to see the details See also section 3.

If it is unchecked, the system will not print any ticket and the customer will not have a receipt. The DPS Application that will be modified. The recommended value is Photo.


Operator Manual Progress This indicates the progress in the different statuses. When the user is making a service, a screen reporting inactivity will be shown.

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The customer paid the total amount but, if some service could not be performed the kiosk returns the money This status is used only for some special applications.

This shows the time period of the current balance. To find any registered Kiosk worldwide. This is step-by-step documentation. They mitsubisyi saved to the R: The customer can see these pictures from another Kiosk or from the Web site: Read the following sections to learn how to change these parameters.

The language configured in the first position will be the default language. From the Print Server interface it is possible to check and configure: All the money inserted manually into the hoppers by the operator is not counted as profits.