You can request to get this client as described in note A web interface is also available for version 7. Linux call from the command line: If you work on a bit Microsoft Windows or Linux computer, you must use Database Studio for a bit architecture and thus the bit Java runtime environment, too. Example of a start script of this kind:

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MAXDB Backup with SAP Java only

Until delivery of version 7. The Database Studio workspace might be damaged. Using this command you can view a specific file: You should therefore proceed as described in point 2. You use Database Jaa as of Version 7.

The installation is described in note Assigning the Java runtime environment: Enhance the file dbstudio.

As a workaround, activate the explorer tab that contains the error in Database Studio. Until now, in this context, it has turned out that the bit Java runtime environment has been deinstalled inadvertently with the assumption that the bit Java runtime environment would be sufficient for operations. WelcomeGuest Login Register. Example for the execution of an SQL statement: Problems when Database Studio is launched Page: Startup problems have been noticed in WTS environments, even though they are rare.


MAXDB Backup with SAP Java only

There are several possible solutions for explicitly creating a specific Java runtime environment for the Database Studio. As jva Database Studio 7. As of Database Studio 7. However, this is not the case. Could not acces to user management Database Studio is used in a WTS environment and does not start up correctly.

Option in file dbstudio. Change the file rights as follows: They are listed here as examples. However, you can connect to remote databases – these databases can also run on Unix or Linux machines.

T his error can occur if Database Studio was not closed properly. When launched, Database Studio reports the following error: You have installed Database Studio 7.

Possible options can be listed with sqlcli -h. In this case, it helps if you restart your computer in order to end any processes that have got stuck. You can find the Database Studio workspace folder in the file explorer by entering c: You want to use Database Studio 7. Proceed as described in the “Assigning the Java runtime environment” section “1. As of Database Studio Version 7.


This connection is described in note You want to use the Java runtime environment of java. After starting, Database Studio reports the error “Could not access to user management” Immediately after Database Studio starts up – before the password is requested – the following error message appears: Database Studio starts up with inexplicable errors.