No problems there at all. Adjusted liquids to draw in 2 passes: Sign in to vote. Use settings of 3D application Prerendered VR frames: Neither will the up or down.

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That sucks, so I guess more needs to be done than hiding the messages The Shrak skin thing with the gibs might be because of how GLQuake or even FitzQuake handles skins slightly differently than WinQuake I think there was a discussion about that in the Quakespasm thread but next week I’ll look at these issues the ones potentially involving QuakeC like the Malice crates if it doesn’t work with any open source Quake engine I’m not sure it is actionable. No joystick Axis problem.


Another possibility is that the other engine had this weakness, but I have difficulty believing that. Extra editing keys Those are in the next one.

I can’t work on this and play a ton of mods at the same time. I wanted to avoid dynamic allocation of entities because then it requires a client to dynamically allocate them. Playstation2 control pad USB adaptor. I also still see quite some error messages, e. Application Compatibility for Windows Desktop Development. I agree about the map auto-completing from id1 mavrics if gamedir. Possibility one is unlikely but it is nonetheless something that you should try to fix. Looks like it was an issue with the April 13 build only, then.


I know I had the fog enabled at one point.

If the user wants to make bad content with a feature, let them. Alpha mardics is not a texture feature in any Quake engine except DarkPlaces because it is a recipe for cheating FTE Still Crashes To Me.

MADRICS Superbox X.

However, sooner or later this causes a crash to console with this message: Then you guys made a map using it and then Quakespasm copied the Mark V implementation. As I look through your texture list you posted at QuakeOne, I see this: The Dilong doesn’t have a dance pad code, so it won’t work with StepMania.

In that case, pasting the file to pastebin doesn’t actually convey what the binary contents of your config really are.

But I go to use my pad and despite what above says, my left and right wont work simultaneously. It does nothing of substance: I still can’t reproduce any problem with the sky.

Baker – Almost There Tell me madircs it! I’ll have madrixs dig up the source code and upload the Mac version tomorrow and likely post a couple of screenshots and update the upload. I intend to intensify testing this build with a complete Nehahra playthrough next to see if there are any major issues. So that’s what was up with that.


But I think I’ve waiting long enough. Blending means it is combining 2 colors, fence textures are an alpha mask and isn’t blending.

Driver Super Box 4 | softwaila

I know Baker just added the ability to load RRP maps in the madgics few weeks, so only the bleeding edge builds in the last few pages of this thread would support it.

Curious to see if next build will be fully usable for me.

I’m trying to mentally picture whether or not non-power of 2 would solve that and if the Direct3D 8 wrapper supports that. Fixed the display of large floating-point cvars. Here is another one: