In all cases, for the best image quality, closing down the aperture two stops was recommended. In addition, he laid off out of supervisors and instigated a company-wide employee suggestion scheme. Intre-Scan p plus Driver yangqing: In , after many failed attempts at restructuring , the company finally achieved success by focusing on medium format cameras along with a few other products. Hannsheinz Porst was especially disappointed when he failed to gain the support of the photographic trade. The factory grew rapidly; by — the year the millionth camera was sold — the workforce numbered , and by the workforce had grown to employees.

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On 1 April, Peter Canisius Josef Peperzak, the former head of Canon in Germany, took over the leadership of Rollei with the intention of fundamentally changing its pricing and marketing policy. Surveying systems were intsr to the product range inand modern digital and compact cameras were included from One was delivered to Kahn, and the others were shipped abroad in pairs — one to be retained by the importer as a demonstration unit, the other to be delivered to a reputable studio.

Clearly, Rollei would not be able to finance an intrr on this scale itself, so it approached two regional German banks — the Norddeutsche Landesbank and the Hessische Landesbank — who subsequently became shareholders in the company. Within a year, Franke and Heidecke had taken over the entire building. In the old factory, a further 23, cameras were produced up until At long last, Rollei had a camera that could match the Hasselbad C.


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Reinhold Heidecke kept on making new cameras right up until his death inalthough no one bothered to admonish him over the development costs any more. The cameras were used inter alia in military reconnaissance. It was the interr microprocessor-controlled medium format camera in the world, whereby the aperture and shutter speed were set electronically via two linear electric zcan built into the lens.

Heidecke wanted to avoid conventional leather bellows for focusing the lens because of an earlier, bad experience: The London-based USH was founded after the war to manufacture optoelectronic instruments.

It was made from two cast metal parts. Later products included specialty and nostalgic type films for the photo hobbyist market. Single-lens medium format cameras represented Rollei’s most important market segment. For the first time Rollei offered low-cost lenses from Asia, although all of the other lenses were still made by Schneider and Zeiss.

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Consequently, development of the SLX continued, resulting in the which was introduced in Retrieved 18 December Rollei was now perilously close to bankruptcy, so the search began for a new owner. By the end of s, the market for twin-lens medium format cameras had gradually become saturated. Mandermann was a German photographic industrialist, who had owned Schneider Kreuznach since The Integral followed inthen came the AF with auto-focus, and finally the i2 — a stripped-down version of the AF.

At that time, Tessar lenses were widely regarded as the best available; they were often used in the United States, even though locally produced alternatives were available. Significant improvements included a film magazine and TTL flash metering — superior technology that made it the leading medium format camera.


Although there was some revival in interest shortly thereafter, production ceased altogether after Rollei went into voluntary administration.

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One year later, however, the project was suspended due to lack of funding, although it was eventually resumed and completed. Bybusiness was so 330p that they were able to take out a loan to purchase the property outright.

Hyperinflation had devalued the currency so much that the land purchase cost practically nothing.

Perzak’s behaviour became increasingly erratic; in an attempt to save the factory at Uelzen, he got Kaiser Fototechnik in Buchen to develop an enlargerwhich Rollei sold as the Rolleimat Universal. The 5-element Mutar tele-converter magnified 1.

Prior to this, TTL metering required a special prism viewfinder with a built-in light meter. Moreover, roll film was much easier to archive than glass plates.

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Rollei Report 5 in German. Loading the film simply required inserting the leader into the appropriate slot in the camera. In those days, risky investments such as this were not that uncommon; Peesel’s imperious demeanor within Rollei had so impressed the bankers that they were confident of their investment.