Also included into the package is a FireWire card to connect your DV camera or any other FireWire device and the software to start editing movies at consumer level. The Golden Samples are actually built to run at higher than reference settings thus are made for the tweakers among us, and there are many of us right;. AA was set through the software. All-in-all an impressive package for a mid-end product. Now have a look at the coolers. A copper-like roundish sink with a fan in the center. VSync off, S3TC off in applications.

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell v. When we ran ShaderMark, we got a series of warnings about how certain shaders were not supported by our current hardware. All the cards tested ran steadily during the tests and didn’t overheat. Their life is short.

Gainward Ultra/XT TV-DVI Video Card – Page 3 of 5 – Legit ReviewsHardware

The company used a cooler which is similar to those formerly used for GeForce4 cards: Besides, some cards have their core clock reduced from to MHz, though not all of tx5900xt, many have a MHz core. By the way, I didn’t publish the overclocking results of each card because it can depend on a sample, and it can change from MHz to MHz.

Let me explain this a bit less tactful as I usually do. Also included into the package is a FireWire card to connect your DV camera or any other FireWire device and the software to start editing movies at consumer level.


On the other hand this version is clocked a tad slower and of course ‘only’ has MB memory yet is using that excellent bit memory bus thus leaves heaps of memory bandwidth. Tested with anisotropic filtering enabled. This gain can be related to the clock speed enhancements present for the Gainward card.

We ran the following tests:.

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MSI’s card makes noise least of all, Chaintech’s is the loudest, though it didn’t reach the threshold after which noise gets on nerves. Gainnward we go, grab a hold of something: The results from Spec Viewperf show no real advantage for the Gainward clock speeds over the Albatron. Gaiward test was run 3 times in a row and the average of the tests is the result shown in our graphs. MSI’s solution has an excellent accessory pack, and it actually looks a winner compared to two other cards.

The same lighting issues in the Nature game test exist on the Gainward card as they did on the Albatron card.

The second option was preferable, and during a certain period such cards had fx590x0t crippled chip but a normal bit bus. The memory scores will be lower.

If it passes that test, then it is a Golden Sample and if not it becomes a standard product. However, the rumor predicts the arrival of gxinward kind of FX XT Turbo a curious combination of the suffixes isn’t it?


The sunlight is so bright that it starts taking away from the texture of the tree leaves. This cooler is similar to Leadtek’s one; the sink’s fx5900xf are decorative as they are not tightly pressed against the memory and they do not embrace all the chips. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Let’s take a good look at that box shall we: The box decoration is typical of MSI, it looks effective and stylish.

Those shaders that were not supported received no score. Note the length difference. It might soon happen to the FX XT cards too.

The box is made of thick cardboard without a coverwith the decoration traditional of this company. We ran the following tests: Well, yes, it’s true though there are some stipulations. Gainnward just the same except the fact that the box is larger though such size is not needed.