New observations and question. I’ve used it quite a bit in the month since my purchase and the only problems I’ve had have had to do with the person who shall remain nameless behind the camera. This wasn’t helped by the apparent inability to turn off image review, meaning you’re stuck looking at your shot for 1. Is there a loss of the middle? It clocked in at 0. Alpha a7S III – will it kill off the competition? As with most entry-level models, the features list is fairly bare here.

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In summary the Fujifilm Finepix J50 is a simple, fairly responsive, point-and-shoot digital camera with the added bonus of a versatile 5x zoom lens.

This may make taking clear, crisp shots at higher zoom magnifications difficult. Pros Minimal chromatic aberration, 5x optical zoom. Because the camera will be used by many people whose prior digital experience is not known, it had to do the basic functions easily.

FinePix J50 (Discontinued Model)

Will Mirrorless change cellphone photography. The recharger is small and doesn’t have a wire. The only thing that I didn’t like was the USB port, which protrudes from the right side of the camera body. Page 3 Sample Images.

Talk me out of sending back my Christmas present. No possible when using PictBridge function. ISO Sensitivity at Full Resolution The FinePix J50 features high sensitivity of up to ISO at full resolution – fienpix with Fujfilm’s advanced processor capabilities, shooting in low light environments with the J50 yields exceptional performance with less noise.


Also, it’s not as effective as a fienpix optical image stabilisation system, which the J50 is really crying out for given the extensive telephoto zoom range on offer. Latest Reviews Popular Reviews. Note that there is no optical viewfinder on the Finepix J50, leading to a cinepix moments of frustration in very bright sunlight when it can be difficult to see the image on the monitor clearly.

The Picture Stabilization mode reduces blurry images that can be caused by camera shake or subject movement, especially in low light settings.

For users who find 3x just isn’t quite enough, the J50 will be a good option. You can directly access the various flash, macro, self-timer and delete options by clicking on the four buttons around the clicky navigation pad.

Which Fuji Tinepix lens do you love the most?

Your top wishlist Z6 firmware update? Once you have fihepix a photo, the Fujifilm Finepix J50 has quite a good range of options when it comes to playing, reviewing and managing your images. More than a few shots suffered from noticeable camera shake at the long end of the range, and whilst adding such a feature would have bumped up the price, it would also have made the J50 a much more effective camera.

Colours were rich and generally strongly saturated. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous finepixx Happy Snapper!

Fuji Finepix J50

If you have never used a digital camera before, finspix you’re upgrading from a more basic model, reading the comprehensive and fairly easy-to-follow manual before fnepix start is a good idea. This lets you set the ISO, quality and, continuous mode when the camera is in Auto mode, and additionally exposure compensation and white balance in the Manual scene mode.


The start-up time from turning the Fujifilm Finepix J50 on to being ready to take a photo is quite quick at around 1. You can alter the ISO sensitivity and white balance and tweak the exposure, but little else can be changed. It has a boxy, matte silver design.

FUJIFILM FinePix J50 Digital Camera B&H Photo Video

This J50 fits the bill. The built in flash and image stabilizer feature makes taking shots of active kids a snap.

Brand index Fujifilm Fujifilm Compact Cameras. We wouldn’t recommend shooting above ISO with this unit. All in all the Fujifilm Finepix J50 is fairly responsive in terms of operational speed.

Stylish and Slim Design The FinePix J50 has been designed finepi style and practicality in mind, and the slim body is less than 23mm thick, so it easily fits in a purse or pocket. The FinePix J50 packs in a 5x optical zoom lens while maintaining a slim body.