In short customer service is never dull, sometimes challenging and sometimes taxing but after a good day, very rewarding. He has since held a number of technical and marketing positions at: US where he successfully supported the transition of the entities in Princeton US, NJ and Monterrey Mexico from a start up to fully operational organisations. This role allowed me to combine my physics education with my process engineering skills to realise a role in a field relatively new to me. He is responsible for all financial affairs, IT infrastructure and the product support service for the company.

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Components integrated to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint.

SPI has also allowed me to develop personally and take my career forward by giving me the responsibility of managing the process development team. Joining us inRichard brings extensive experience in the laser industry where he most recently worked with Coherent-ROFIN for whom he held a number of sales and product roles since At that time I learned many news things about manufacturing, and how design interacts with Production processes. The highest performance fused fiber optic couplers and high power combiners.

High Reliability Optical Fiber Amplifiers Amplifier modules for use in harsh and space flight environment. Integration of fiber optic components into an all-fiber optical system allows the optical path to remain closed, eliminating the risk of contamination with dust or organic materials that may reduce lifetime and power handling. There is no single best thing about my role within SPI Lasers because the rewards are very varied.

Specifying Photonic Devices for Harsh Environments Specifying and purchasing photonic devices for rugged environments. I joined SPI Lasers in as a lasfr development engineer having previously developed my career in various semiconductor companies as a process engineer. Jack has a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science and obtained a PhD laer laser material processing from Imperial College London infocusing on developments in laser cutting.


He has since held a number of technical and marketing positions at: As a Manufacturing Engineering Group Lead, I have a role which requires me to oaser with every department within SPI to make fm4 which affect products, processes, and personnel.

Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers EM4 Datasheet

Steve has an extensive background in Lasers, having first started using Lasers and fiber optics for industrial applications at Heriot-Watt University, where he received his PhD in Fiber Optic Assemblies Components integrated to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint. Prior to that Richard worked in sales for Carl Baasel Lasertech. SPI has a core of highly competent technical staff that were happy to share their knowledge and help me develop the scientific understanding required to fulfill this role while the job naturally provided new hands on skills associated with Fiber Laser development.

As well as the hands on experience of managing a team of engineers laaer technicians SPI has invested in my skills by providing the opportunity to go on a leadership development course providing valuable training in management skills and techniques.

High power, single-mode fiber coupled lasers up to mW power ex-fiber. I spent 18 months managing a global team of eight engineers attempting to implement policies to assist decision making in a very dynamic environment. Contact us now to discuss your next project. In this role he leads our procurement, fiber manufacture, laser assembly, quality and transactional information services for both the supply side and delivery functions of SPI Lasers across the factories in Southampton and Rugby.

808nm Laser Diode | 3 Watts

Graham joined SPI in and is responsible for all Human Resources policies and practices globally, from recruitment and on-boarding through to training, development lasdr employee engagement as well as the development of the organisation. There are internal meetings to make sure we meet customer deadlines and visits from carriers to ensure we can offer the most competitive prices for shipping our products. Educated at lsaer University of Bristol, where he received his PhD, Mark has since emm4 over 20 years experience in developing Lasers for a wide range of applications and industries and has had leadership roles in a range of Laser businesses.


He then began working as a product design engineer at Melles Griot, and went on to become Managing Director of its UK operations.

Fiber Optics | Gooch & Housego

Please update to a newer browser to view this website. An opportunity to become the Product Support Manager arose in which helped me to see the Lasers from a very different point of view.

In Steve joined JK Lasers where he was responsible for business development. HI REL fused fiber optic components for environments such as undersea and space.

I saw the Lasers as metal, optics and screws previously. It was therefore a step into a relatively new field of expertise to join a Fiber Laser company.

Fiber Optics

Richard Hendel is VP of Sales with responsibility for our global sales network, leading the development of sustainable growth across our range of industrial pulsed and CW fiber Lasers. Whilst at SPI Jack has held a number of positions prior to his current position: Ripple free, linear response from DC to 20GHz for the nm spectral range.

Amplifier modules for use in harsh and space flight environment.