Originally Posted by dglnz. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The only thing was once the deb that came with the liveCD was to add in along with the code I added into Xorg. This section assumes you are integrating the S serial controller board into your system as a component. Choose an available expansion slot. Join Date Aug Beans

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A chassis ground connection is required through one of the plated mounting holes PTH to provide a return path for the on-board transient protection.

See 2500a AccuTouch Product Manual for cabling kits and options. Depending on the type of installation, you may or may not need to install transient protection as described below. The E controller has three diagnostic LEDs.

Elo touch systems Serial Controllers (IntelliTouch(R) 2500S 4.0

The mounting dimensions for the E controller shown in Figure You may provide a suitable power supply and cabling, or Elo can provide them. If a fatal error was encountered, the yellow and red LED’s flash an eight-bit error code starting eli the most significant bit, where yellow indicates a binary ‘0’ and red a binary ‘1’.


Conductive 250s0 hardware can provide a chassis ground connection for the controller. Think the “fix so far was with the compiling from source the touch screen driver files.

On an AT, any slot may be used. After the self-test, the LED flashes once per second, indicating normal operation. We break it down. When the touchscreen is touched, the LED should light continuously, then return to the normal flash rate. The serial port connector, P2, is a 2×5 header with pins on 0. The factory default settings are hex and no Interrupt Polled Mode. The E controller has one yellow diagnostic LED.

EloTouch Solutions | Support

Transient protection is required in all installations where it is possible to turn the display on or off while the touchscreen is disconnected from the controller. Can I see your touchscreen.

If the LED flashes about two times per second, a warning error condition is indicated, such as improper communication from the host. Some drivers may also be configured to allow simple one-way communication without needing any handshaking lines. Remember adding udev rules doesn’t complete configuration.

Follow these steps to epo the E controller: May 19th, 5.

If you have a touchmonitor, plug the DB9 female end of the supplied touchscreen cable into the DB9 male connector labeled “Touchscreen Interface” on the back of the touchmonitor case.


The LED will also stay lit without a touch if the touchscreen or cabling is 250s or not functioning. Lenovo has found people buy its Qualcomm-powered always-connected PCs more eol their long battery life than the fact they’re always connected. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

The AccuTouch touchscreen typically has a 30 inch cable terminated with a 1×5 female connector. May 21st, DSR is asserted when power is applied to the controller and CTS is asserted when the controller’s power-on sequence is complete. After the self-test, the LED flashes about 1. The time now is The mounting dimensions for the S controller are shown in Figure The serial port connection is at P2 on the controller, a 2×5 header with pins on 0.

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