Up to the last 22 print jobs are displayed. The CTD sensor is dirty. How can I be notified when my favorite forums contain new threads? Turn on the computer and the printer. The colors printed at the highest density are those next to.

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This manual also for: If a problem occurs with your printer, check each of the following: I am connected via Ethernet. Click the Tool Box button.

Hi Ron, and welcome to the Lounge! Installing The Printer Driver 1.

You can order consumables from Dell on the Internet when using a networked printer. This is just enough information to send a print job to the printer. Auto Registration Adjustment Specifies whether to adjust 1320d color registration automatically.

Use only forms and letterhead printed using an offset lithographic or engraved printing process.

Dell 1320c – Color Laser Printer User Manual

Right-click Remote Registry and select Properties. I’ve attached a text file with full information. When you access the printers configuration page are you accessing it from the desktop that has the issue or another PC? Page Are the width and length guides on the print media sources adjusted correctly? If you use the point and print method, a subset of driver information is copied from the server to the client computer.


After that, you can check whether settings were copied to this page.

The time now is The Tool Box opens. This colr sets a password to lock the Tool Box menus. Insert the tray into the printer, and push until it stops. How about the Security tab, does it show you or Everyone having print permission? Page 69 To configure the link used for ordering supplies. Don’t have an account? Close the side cover. Specifies whether to adjust the color registration automatically.


Select the software and documentation you want to install, and then click Next. Online Help Use the Set Password menu to lock the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool with a password so that other users do not inadvertently change the printer settings you selected. Select your region on the support page, and fill in the requested details to access help tools and information.


No error messages and nothing in the logs.

Adjust till all straight lines are at the value del 0. This suggestion was in a post in a thread some time back by mercyh, another Windows Secrets Lounger. Orange blinks A paper jam occurred. Do not touch the belt unit.

Page 44 Coated Low Speed Inkjet printer paper cannot be used. You cannot print a printer settings page by pressing and holding the Continue button if the password is specified in Set Password of the Tool Box because the operator panel is locked.