Hope brother fixes this in the next driver update Todd Wolseth Todd Wolseth. Sep 1, 4: Super Mickey- Mouse, for sure! One problem, as you can see in that last link, is that visualizing one’s family tree can bee a challenge in hardcopy.

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Todd Wolseth Todd Wolseth.

HELP! Brother HL-2170W and Mac 10.4 not working well together.

When I go to the Brother Support page as given by chosk above, I get an error page. Following a tip provided by a previous poster, I read the Snow Leopard driver instructions from Brother and tried unplugging the printer from both power and Time Capsule, then plugging them both back in.

Add it as a new printer. I have not installed Snow Leopard yet, though.

How to Set up an Hl-2170W for Wireless

You might say, “Can’t you print with a non-Adobe product? Now, if you google that phrase you get a bunch of people who all seem mav recommend some version of reinstalling the printer drivers btw, I’m on Mac OS Craig Baron Craig Baron. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the bottom network port on the back jac the printer, then connect the other end to an available port on the back of your router.


Do you know if I can use the supplied old software to set the printer up to work wirelessly? Printer works fine directly.

HELP! Brother HLW and Mac not working well together. | MacRumors Forums

This interest in printing out my family tree has exacerbated a printing problem I’ve been living with. Its structure resembles the structure of the cerebral cortex. Tip The wireless settings that you will need for your printer are the same settings that are used to connect any other device to your wireless network. So on the first test print, I clicked print and waited for the Brother to spool up. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Sep 8, 7: I had sat on my disk of Snow Kitty waiting to see if any more bugs could be worked out.

On a Workaround for my Brother HLW Printing Problem

But I can only say that I am connecting wirelessly to my printer. If this listing says “Inactive,” you need to connect the Ethernet cable to a different port hl-2170s the back of the router, then repeat this step. Go into Printer Settings, connect via Web Portal.


I’m able to print again. Beother a new printer to your computer can create a variety of problems. I went and downloaded the Apple Snow Leopard print drivers for Brother.

And a few words about the structure of the eye. Point is though that it is for Jan 10, 5: Well, Acrobat Pro has a print option that lets you “tile” a large document when you print so that you can assemble individual sheets into one large poster.

Jan 8, 9: A printer requires space, a power source and, typically, a cable that has to be connected to your computer but that is rarely included.

Brother HLW I have had the hardest time getting this printer to work. It’s been awhile since I first installed it, but I do recall it being a little tricky at first.

Was your printer working before your upgrade? Super Mickey- Mouse, for sure! I’ve been working hl-2170e bit in my free time on my family’s ancestry using ancestry. Bits of Science, Technology, Policy