The candy cane edition is a bit more fun looking but also a bit thicker than the frosty unbalanced cable but to the balanced wiring. It changed the way we listen to music forever – and today, Apple is no longer the market leader. The Y-split is bulky and durable looking though the adjustable chin strap is a cheapish clear plastic tube. And one more thing: These really push things forward when they were released, by including a set of interchangeable filters that you could use to alter the sound.

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If you like the audoo a little more, then you can steer clear of the Bs and get these. It is fitted with MMCX connectors at the top of the shell and is engineered to be worn over the ear in keeping with the rest of the B series models.

Review: Brainwavz B | The Master Switch

It originally came in a number of different colored finishes. And you do get quite a lot for your money. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than when a product not only justifies the hype, but altogether blows me away in terms of audio performance.

That puts it potentially into crazy value territory from a recognized brand name. A nice touch is the included memory-foam earplugs. If you have a couple hundred to spend, and never want to be dissatisfied with what you spend it on, then you should totally buy these.


It gets its name from the red and blue hue on the braided cables insulation materials to mark out left and right in the wiring configuration.

Brainwavz Audio B quad armature | best of high end

What separates the two models? Everything we do is geared towards creating bigger, better sound. Remember the very first iPod from seventeen years ago?

The accessories included are true to Brainwavz form which means plenty. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. A simple DAC upgrade can do wonders for your audio playback, as for example, a 4K-capable TV might change your movie viewing experience.

The single bore silicone will not seal quite as well as the foam tips but will give a slightly cleaner tonal edge to the presentation than the Complys.

It also has a set of low-profile memory hooks on the other end that I find very flexible and hold whatever shape you want very easily. It feels a little dated using a 3.

The Brainwavz B headphones are an absolute joy! The original concept was metal injection molded shells much like you see with RHA and Campfire Audio but for some reason, the 3D printer process became more aidio. We really like this cable: The candy cane edition is a bit more fun looking but also a bit thicker than the frosty unbalanced cable but to the balanced wiring.

Read our full, in-depth review. Both have 3D printing housing, and removable cables. View on Amazon Brainwavz Website.

These slim buds are no exception. Are they better than the Bs? The earbuds arrive in a smart grey box with a flip top lid, the internal audip nestled in a kaleidoscopic insert, which really adds to the overall experience.


Any worries you have about the short nozzle not getting in deep enough pale away once you insert them. Whether this is a reflection of the poor quality headphones most of use daily or Brainwavz ingenuity? Buying these headphones means buying a pass to some of the best vocals in bb400 in-ear space.

They are slightly bigger than the B but in the ear, you will hardly notice the difference between the two. Admittedly, something like good isolation, which these have in spades, really improves this particular aspect, as it stops outside sounds from interfering and muddying the low frequencies.

Lightning Audio B400.4

The logo has also ausio from the inner part of the shell to the front just above the seam joint. As a final point, the company offers a solid two-year warranty, which should cover any issues.

All four of the drivers are Knowles drivers though I have not been informed as to what size but it could be possible the single low-end driver is from their larger CI series. We should have been paying closer attention