However, as you can see even 4 nc memory works already at the breaking point and requires both lower clocking and additional cooling. For me the move to a GeForce2 meant I could play Quake 3 at xx32 at the constant high frame rate that I must have when playing so it wasn’t too difficult of a decision. Well, it lets you try to overclock that far, anyway. Its price corresponds to the high level as well. There is one problem with texture compression method in 32 bit color with S3TC in use in autocompression mode in Quake3 on the regular levels with enabled S3TC there comes compression of usual textures with the following unpack in automatic mode. There’s input voltage checking, too; SmartDoctor will obligingly warn you if your AGP power supply isn’t up to scratch. But I think the Leadtek’s the better card.

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ASUS make “Deluxe” cards with all of these frills, and a substantially higher price tag. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

ASUS AGP-V Ultra review

There’s asuss E-Color’s 3Deep gamma correction software, which gives you more flexibility than usual in tweaking the brightness curves of your 3D games. The overclocked Leadtek using its 1. So, video card manufacturers can produce different modification without changing the reference design, including a whole multimedia combine.

That was a bit disappointing. Fancy features OK, let’s get the shiny bit out of the way.

With the release of the GeForce2 GTS graphics chipset, vendors are rushing to put their flavors of the board onto store shelves. So, you can see that even the most powerful accelerators can’t cope with it. I turned the thermal protection feature off and kept on trucking; crashes came there none.

They’re not long cables, but most video card manufacturers are too stingy to give you any.


Of cause such games will be appearing all the time, but their mass sales won’t be so soon. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. The same problem can arise if the cooling fan fails. They’re often not that different, though. You can break down the software bundle for every video card into “drivers” and “other stuff”, and for many basic cards neither agp-v7070 matters much.

If you’ve got a computer with poor ventilation and don’t care to improve it, SmartDoctor will at least save you from system hangs due to heat. Detailed Information will be provided on availability, package contents, performance, pricing, stability, unique features and odd quirks with our review board.

If a program isn’t able to switch to the desktop properly – which is the case with a lot of games – then Pri may make demons fly out of your nosefor all you know. Now, the V’s Quake 3 performance with the 5.

Take care of your valuable system to provide the best safety with. SmartDoctor is actually capable of dynamically changing the clock speed of the card in response to its temperature and what you’re doing, so overheating the card’s prevented, by slowing it down. Think of it as being like a speedometer that goes up to kilometres an hour but is on the dash of a 1.

It makes me wonder if they have something to fear in showing us their unreleased products, as we’re basically the only site that isn’t afraid to tell anyone what we really think. Even giant coolers like the one on Leadtek’s board won’t help much if they’ve only got hot air to work with.

Leadtek might not be an internationally renowned super-brand, but their driver team demonstrably has its act together. Because it’s impossible to make an LCD blackout shutter that blocks light well enough to completely occlude the view of the monitor, there’s always a ghost of the other eye’s view reaching each eye when it shouldn’t, resulting in a triple-image effect where dark ghosts of objects hover on either side of them. As a bedroom door monitor for a 14 year old who’s dropped a hundred bucks on a little CCD video camera, or to spot whoever it is that keeps sneaking into your office and pinching your Post-Its, though, this thing’s perfect.


ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

There’s a capture driver for WinNT and included as well. Comparison points When you’ve got a chipset that’s being used by umpteen companies to make what therefore turn out to be prro darn similar graphics cards, you end up with only three areas where cards can differ. Give Dan some money! There is a quite big difference between mainstream and high-end cards. There are lots of cheaper cards with the right outputs. But as built-in video capture goes, the V’s is fine.

ASUS V7700 Pro (NVidia GeForce 2 GTS)

Unfortunately 3dfx has yet to extend an offer to us to take a preview of their VD products. Getting 3D vision working properly in all of your games will be a bit fiddly at best and may azus impossible at worst, as dual-viewpoint graphics drivers still aren’t renowned for their compatibility. If you’re annoyed by the V Pgo, it’ll probably be by the 3D glasses, which are, as mentioned above, uncomfortable and not as effective as you might think.