Originally founded in , they have been providing PCs, laptops, servers, displays, and other computer electronics equipment for a long time – a few of us here at AnandTech can recall running Acer PCs back in the glory days of the and ! Privacy Policy and Cookies. The power LED glows green during use and is fairly dim and avoids distraction. If you are serious about gaming, these technologies may well help bridge that gap. However, pressing the ‘menu’ button again having selected the “user” setting brought up access to the RGB levels. Sometimes they are W and sometimes the are Wsd.

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Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user.

The focus option didn’t seem to do a whole lot to improve the quality of analog images, though to be fair we did find in limited testing that the analog image was almost as good as the digital image. A single press of the ‘auto’ button brings up access to the colour mode presets of the screen offering the usual options for “user”, “text”, “standard”, “graphics” and “movie” modes.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. I was very impressed with the ALW at default settings and La2216 have done a good job here. I spent two days trying to find new drivers for acfr monitor. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the differences between Acers 22″ monitors. Not everyone will prefer a larger LCD that doesn’t increase the native resolution, but considering the price is only slightly more than a comparable 20″ LCD users basically get to choose between increasing size or saving a bit of money.


Acer AL2216 Manuals

Despite the screen having quite good viewing angles for a TN Film panel, the use of this technology can still let the screen down if you don’t take care to line your view up. The monitor lacked any hardware aspect ratio control, and so there were no options to maintain a 5: This can be seen on many LCD screens however, and is inherent to the way they are produced and how CCFL backlight tubes are positioned.

Appearance and Design Taking a look at the design of the ALW, there are some good acsr and some things that we feel could be improved. I set the brightness and contrast and the monitor looks great unless you want to read fonts, which are funny looking due to the resolution issues.

Acer AL2216W: a worthwhile compromise?

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The decent panel uniformity meant that viewing movies with black borders did not show any obvious backlight leakage, something which can be distracting on some models. While the extras are acfr, they have a habit of driving the price of the display up and if you already have PC speakers and plenty of USB ports, just a plain monitor may be all you need. They were certainly of the newer generation of TN Film where viewing angles have improved somewhat compared with some older screens.

The monitor features an internal power supply, so no need for external power bricks here. I set the the ALW to x since my video card does aer support x Vertical viewing angles did show the typical contrast shift especially from below, but I felt the viewing angles of the ALW were actually pretty decent considering the technology used. ICM extension which windows does not recognize?

With a simple change of the brightness setting you can easily correct the luminance level and have a very decent quality of colours without even the need for much calibration.


Acer ALW: a worthwhile compromise?

I checked everywhere I could and I can not find a way to open the new driver file. Central Time and Sunday at 8 a. Basic design and no added features. However, dark scenes can become a bit of a problem where viewing angles are concerned, since vertical changes in contrast can make the scenes very difficult to see.

Appearance and Design – Acer ALW: a worthwhile compromise?

Colour temperature was almost spot on at k now, a slight improvement from k at default settings using the “warm” colour profile mode. The inch Samsung CF is a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon The base of the screen came detached from the main section of the monitor, but was easily slotted into place and secured. The design and features are basic, and certainly no match for the impressive functionality of models like the Dell monitor range, or others like the Viewsonic VXWM.

Once we got through to support, the people we spoke with were able to answer our questions and provide the requested help; we just wish we didn’t have to wait so long. Sometimes they are W and sometimes the are Wsd. For reference, LaCie describe the DeltaE readings as: I sent e-mails to Matrox and Acer. I shopped the Sunday ads for the local big box stores and checked on line again.

Neither option is ideal, but neither is it a deal breaker.