CosmicQuark Smash Champion Oct 16, KeybladeSmasher Smash Hero Oct 16, Joined Sep 4, Messages 2, Location Banished to the moon for 1, years. Joined Sep 18, Messages Suposivly I mean it could be a trap and be just a printed sheet of paper. Nintendo freely offered it and we thought it was a leak.

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I’m a little confused.

dc KeybladeSmasher Smash Hero Oct 16, Did the website make some sort of screw-up? We don’t know if it’s delayed again or when it’s actually happening. After event week is over, we Sweden usually get the new week on Friday Guides Latest reviews Search resources.

Where was the photo that shows smash ultimate went gold?

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Or was this human error? Prev Next Page of You must log in or register rlc reply here. Honest Slug Smash Journeyman Oct 16, What seems to be off here, aside from google translate’s mistranslations?


I’m not asking for another Subspace Emissary, but Smash Tour was not a suitable replacement. Noipoi Smash Hero Oct 16, Atlas Smash Cadet Oct 16, Oh and I won’t be surprised if leak thread was opened just for this.

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I’m sorry to say I never felt Smash Tour was a suitable anything, lol. I grabbed this as quick as I could.

Let’s try this again. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Did you get a permit for it? We got a “real” leak floating around that “ruffled nintendos feathers” but we don’t know which one it is. Alternatively, this ad may have just failed to load. CosmicQuark Smash Champion Dllc 16, And it was just the E3 demo again at this event, not the full game or a bigger demo or anything.



Edited September 15, by jollythecat. I don’t think something’s about to happen, i’m just having fun. It’s totally weird why it was delayed, cause a new build of DLC file and launcher executable was uploaded yesterday. Like, it was a cool idea in principle, but actually playing it isn’t really fun.

So there is something.

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